Rooster Teeth Podcast and some Icelandic beer


When I watch the Rooster Teeth podcast live I tend to drink while I do so. Just to unwind and relax on my Mondays. Just to make it a more jovial watching experience. A few times I find myself commenting on it myself while tweeting at them, hoping to get a response. As you can also see in the background, I’ve got some Forza Motorsport 4 primed and ready for when the podcast was over. Unfortunately I turned it off a bit early because it was a pre-recorded podcast and it was a little dreary. The smooth Icelandic Pale Ale from Einstok made it better though. It’s your typical Pale Ale, but it wasn’t as heavy and it was quite the better tasting, at least in my experiences, Pale Ales. I wish they were easier to find, I have one store to pick it up from, but they only this one and one of their other lagers.  If you visit their site they outline their beers and their history.



Tots and ale

No, that isn’t a reference to toddlers, it’s a reference to Tater Tots, well in this reference Potato Puffs being that their from Alexia, not Oreida. But today I decided while watching a few videos on YouTube to try out a little snack while I had my first beer of the night. Might not be my last, but definitely my first. I paired it with those Potato Puffs or Tater Tots or whatever.


That is a Jr Nation glass, from popular NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt Jr. I picked it up when I went to his race shop in North Carolina one year. If you look closely in the picture you can see me peaking in somewhere as I take it. But yes that was my little snack tonight, some Widmer Brothers’ Alchemy Ale and a nice bowl of tots. Carb central! Good thing I’m going for a run in the AM to burn most of this off.


Now I won’t always do this sort of setup with my entries but for the first one I thought it would be cool to try some things out, I’ll try to change each picture group, maybe get artistic, break out the Photoshop and edit some pictures, or if I’m on the fly use my iPhone and Instagram, just for that crispy modern and contemporary look for people to get a preview of on my feed. But there it is, the Alchemy Ale. I would haven’t picked it up as I was leaving Total Wine if it didn’t have the word Alchemy in it. I am that big of a nerd. I figured why not have a beer while eating some tots? Usually  I enjoy to nurse, sip, my beers over time, but this had a smooth taste. It went down pretty quick, so it was gone before the tots were gone.

I picked it up at Total Wine for a buck fifty, would I pay that buck fifty again for this Alchemy Ale? Even with my bias for Widmer Brothers aside, I would most definitely pick it up again. I wish they had a six pack of it. It’s definitely one of those beers you could drink after a meal or after mowing the yard to help you cool down. I’ve yet to come across a Widmer Brothers beer I haven’t liked. You’ll definitely be seeing more of them in this blog’s future.


Welcome to my new blog!

Hi! I’m Alex, I’m the writer at On The Pitlane,  a blog I post on once a day about things that revolve around motorsports, cars, and some life experiences that usually involve cars and motorsports. Some times even day trips. This blog will be a bit different. I’ll try to post in it once or twice a week about my experiences trying new beers. Usually it will come coupled with what I was doing at the time. Watching TV or a movie. Playing a video game or just hanging out with my friends.

I’ll review the beer, if I drank it out of the bottle or from a glass. Include pictures of it, the price, where I got it, and if I felt it was worth the money I paid for it or not. Now I’m no beer snob or am I a beer expert. I just enjoy hanging out my friends, drinking some beers, and sharing a story or two. Who knows, I might even have a guest writer or two.

Welcome to my beer experience!